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Elevate your dessert experience with the enchanting aroma of Aachi Rava Kesari Mix B1G1 – a delightful pair that brings the essence of traditional Indian sweets to your kitchen. Carefully curated by Aachi, this mix not only captures the authentic taste of Rava Kesari but also offers the joy of a Buy One, Get One offer, ensuring your sweet indulgence is doubled. Unveiling Sweet Symphony: Immerse yourself in the culinary finesse of Aachi's Rava Kesari Mix as you effortlessly create this vibrant and aromatic dessert. Beyond being a mix, it stands as a testament to Aachi's commitment to delivering an authentic taste experience that captures the heart of Indian sweet traditions. Versatile Indulgence for Every Occasion: Whether you're marking a special occasion, entertaining guests, or simply treating yourself, Aachi Rava Kesari Mix B1G1 is your sweet companion. Perfect for family gatherings, festive feasts, or an impromptu dessert fix, this mix offers a versatile and hassle-free option to elevate your sweet celebrations. A Symphony of Sweetness Doubled: Transform your dessert table with the enchanting aroma of Aachi Rava Kesari Mix B1G1 – where convenience meets the joy of doubled sweetness. Spice up your sweet moments, embrace the simplicity of preparation, and let the flavorful poetry of Rava Kesari unfold on your taste buds. It's not just a mix; it's a culinary journey into the heart of doubled sweetness, designed to make your dessert times flavorful, effortless, and doubly delightful.
Rava Sugar Vegetable Cooking Oil Cashew Nuts Raisins Cardamom Natural Saffron Extract
No added preservatives
Ready to cook
A Delicious combination of dry fruits and nuts
Tasty Dessert


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