Rava Upma Mix

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200 gm
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A Culinary Symphony of Simplicity and Savory Bliss: Aachi Rava Upma Mix – the epitome of quick, flavorful, and hassle-free breakfast excellence. Meticulously crafted by Aachi, this mix revolutionizes the art of making upma, ensuring that your mornings are infused with the rich aroma and authentic taste of traditional South Indian flavors.
Wheat Semolina Edible Vegetable fat Interesterified Vegetable fat Compounded Asafoetida Salt Bengal Lentils Black Lentils Mustard Ginger Green Chilli Cashew Nuts Raising agent E500(ii) – Sodium bicarbonate
Engage in a digestive ballet with every savory spoonful, where the flavorsome notes twirl through the digestive landscape. This mix orchestrates a rhythmic digestion, a flavorful dance that guides the internal choreography, ensuring each bite is a ballet of nourishment

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