Pani Puri Kit

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155 gm
310 gm
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Aachi Pani Puri Kit, you can make this delicious snack right at home. No need to wait in lines anymore to get your hands on the famous Indian snack of Pani Puri. This recipe is so easy to make, and you would not believe how fast you can put this dish together. All you have to do is grab the kit, and add water and mix. Take the mix and fill it up inside the puri. Serve immediately with the chutnies (mint chutney and tamarind dates chutney) and enjoy.
Potato Stuffing: To 200g of boiled Potatoes and 1 chopped Onion, add Aachi Seasoning and mash well. Add salt as required. Sweet Tamarind - Dates chutney: Use Aachi Tamarind Chutney provided in the Kit for that Tangy taste. 

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