Adhirasam Mavoo

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500 gm
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Savor the essence of South Indian festivities with Aachi Adhirasam Maavu, a key ingredient to creating the delectable sweet delicacy, Adhirasam. Meticulously crafted by Aachi, a brand synonymous with quality and tradition, this maavu (flour) ensures the perfect blend for preparing Adhirasam, a sweet that encapsulates the joy of celebratory occasions. Premium Raw Materials: Aachi Adhirasam Maavu is made from the finest quality rice and jaggery, ensuring the creation of Adhirasam with an authentic taste and traditional sweetness. Aromatic Essence: Immerse yourself in the delightful aroma as you prepare Adhirasam with Aachi Adhirasam Maavu. The maavu encapsulates the authentic fragrance that characterizes South Indian kitchens during festive seasons. Traditional Sweetness: Adhirasam is a classic South Indian sweet that brings joy to festivals and celebrations. Aachi Adhirasam Maavu ensures the perfect balance of sweetness and texture, recreating the traditional delight with ease. Preservative-Free Assurance: Aachi prioritizes your well-being. Adhirasam Maavu is crafted without artificial preservatives, ensuring a natural and wholesome taste experience. Quality Pledge: Each pack of Aachi Adhirasam Maavu undergoes stringent quality checks, guaranteeing a consistently superior product that reflects the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence.
Rice Flour (50%) Jaggery Ginger powder Edible vegetable oil Refined sunflower oil Cardamom powder
Sweet Symphony: Aachi Adhirasam Mix is a sweet symphony, where the fragrant notes of jaggery and rice flour harmonize with aromatic spices. It's a culinary masterpiece that plays a delightful melody on your palate, invoking the spirit of festive occasions and the comforting aroma of familial kitchens.

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